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Pluri- (2023)

Creation made possible by nueBOX's SutdioLAB Residency 

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: Ignacio Jara, Anahi Jimenez, Lauren Jimenez, Zarina Mendoza, Miranda Reeves

Presented at:

Twilight Fringe at Mesa Arts Center, presented by Third Space Dance Project

Work-In-Progress Showing at nueBOX (StudioLAB Residency)

Full-Length Showing at nueBOX (StudioLAB Residency)

nueWORK Showcase at Phoenix Center for the Arts

[Dancers for nueWORK Showcase: Ignacio Jara, Anahi Jimenez, Zarina Mendoza, Jenny Milani, Alexis Montoya, Esteban Rosales, Ellen Sickenberger]

This eerie piece portrays images of the current crisis of habitual loneliness endured by the human race. Functioning as a mirror to society, “Pluri-“ explores both self-inflicted and circumstance-inflicted isolation via the platform of media.

*email for full video

Caught (ECU Residency - 2021)

ECU School of Theater and Dance

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: ECU Dance Department Senior Class 2021


Inspired by a work-in-progress (Elude) performed by DEPTH Dance at their informal showing "FOUR-O-SCOPE" earlier in 2021, this piece explores the human nature of concealing and contriving within the deathly grip of social media. 


*email for full video

These Tunnels Breathe (Jul. 2019) [Remastered Nov. 2019]

DEPTH dance

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: Margaret Jones, Lisa Kobdish, Graziella Murdocca, Ellen Sickenberger

Six Degrees of Separation: Becoming - Mark O'Donnell Theatre at the Actors Fund Arts Center

[Remastered dancers: Kristalyn Gill, Sarah Kleinke, Graziella Murdocca, Madeline Robertson, Erke Roosen, Ellen Sickenberger

Soluq Dance Theater's CIRCLE RETURN - Center of Performance Research]

The cyclical nature of echoes rumbles my bones, sparking each cell with fragments of a life before their own. They loom in a space where once was substance. Each echo is a version of the last; sparse and vague, but present. They fill my chest, linger in my heart, swim around my ears and furrow my brow. In my silence I wait; to be reminded once more; a sweet memory. How much of the silence is you and how much of the emptiness is me? You echo through my vastness; I have become your tunnel. 


*email for full video


The Last Bite (A Sequel to Leftovers) (2019)

DEPTH dance

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: Diane Auriol, Sarah Kleinke, Bonnie O'Rourke, Erke Roosen, Ellie Weinman

Boston Contemporary Dance Festival 2019 - The Huntington Theater (MA)

This piece serves as a sequel to 'Leftovers'. America has made its bed, and now we get to lie in it. 


*email for full video


Shallow Water (2018)

DEPTH dance

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: Emory Campbell, Margaret Jones, Sarah Kleinke, Graziella Murdocca, Erke Roosen, Thryn Saxon, Ellen Sickenberger

Triskelion's Commissioned Split Bill Series, December 2018


Christina Noel & The Creature's CREST 2019 - Teatro LATEA 

SummerFest 2019 - Triskelion Arts 

Shallow Water is a 40-minute, all-female group piece that disjoints the effects of media and societal norms on women in America. With animalistic and anthropological movement, 7 women endure the stupor of oppression where humor intertwines with drama, and triumphs intertwine with failures. The individual within the collective is exposed, revealing the many double standards that exist for women today. Using spoken word alongside movement, Shallow Water explores what it means to live in a world that is over-connected and oversaturated with information and expectations.

*email for full video 

Leftovers (2017)

DEPTH dance

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: Margaret Jones, Sarah Kleinke, Graziella Murdocca, Erke Roosen, Gabriella Sibeko

Moving Beauty Series 2017 - Hudson Guild Theater - Split Bill performance


APEX Showcase 2017 - Salvatore Capezio Theater 

mouthful. 2017 - CPR 

Collaborations in Dance Festival 2017 - Triskelion Arts 

C3 CORE Choreo Contest 2019 - Alvin Ailey Studios 

This piece uses imagery of city culture to explore the results of trickle-down information. Functioning as a conversation about current sociopolitical issues, 'Leftovers' is the remains of every idea, opinion, and voice that’s been left to drift aimlessly in the late-night subway tunnels. Hopes and desires hang like grocery bags on barbed wire. Together, we ration our leftovers.


*email for full video

Refraction (2016)

DEPTH dance

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: Erke Roosen, Ellen Sickenberger

DUMBO Dance Festival 2016 - Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center

Pushing Progress Showcase Series 2017 - Salvatore Capezio Theater

MIXTAPE Festival ATL 2019 - Southwest Arts Center


This piece explores the concept of refraction in an abstract way. What if our medium is our body, and our frequency is what we carry with us? What happens if our medium changes or deceases? When something is refracted, its frequency stays constant. When we see refraction with the human eye, it appears as though something is bent or misshapen. What if a person experiences a life seemingly distorted and wrong? Within the act of refraction itself, how would an outcome be different due to it's occurrence?


*email for full video

Stacked Matter (2015)  [Remastered 2018]

DEPTH dance

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: Mechelle Armbruster, Lisa Kobdish, Erke Roosen, Gabriella Sibeko

[Remastered dancers: Margaret Jones, Sarah Kleinke, Graziella Murdocca, Erke Roosen, Gabriella Sibeko]

TRANSLATE (The Voices of Dance) - Dixon Place

The Intimate Series - Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center

PMT's Seasonal Showcase - Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (2018)

Let's Talk About Love Showcase - Triskelion Arts (2018)


Perception is everything and nothing is as it seems. At our bare minimum, we and our complete surroundings are living molecules that take a specific shape. 


*email for full video

The Plunge (2015)

DEPTH dance

Choreography: Ellen Sickenberger

Dancers: Lisa Kobdish, Terry Mathis, Katie Mattar, Ayaha Otsuka, Michael Ryan

Green Space Blooms Festival - Green Space

HATCH Performance Series


Where is the line between sanity and insanity and who decides?  This piece has a backbone image of looking into the eyes of one who is just barely lost; one who is just out of reach. This piece explores psychological disorders and surrounding society as well as subway culture in New York. 


*email for full video

Silt (2014)

DEPTH dance

Choreography and performance: Ellen Sickenberger

Original videos by Charles Dennis / BalaSole Dance Co.

Pastiche - Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre


Based on a personally-written poem, this piece explores metaphorical and abstract concepts of silt in one's life. 


*email for full video

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