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D E P T H    D A N C E


(Full-length premiere)

This eerie piece portrays images of the current crisis of habitual loneliness endured by the human race. Functioning as a mirror to society, “Pluri-“ explores both self-inflicted and circumstance-inflicted isolation via the platform of media.


June 8th, 2023
8pm-9pm at [nueBOX]
Phoenix, AZ



D E P T H   D A N C E

Founded in 2017, DEPTH dance is a project-based contemporary dance company rooted in NYC with choreography by Ellen Sickenberger. The company has presented work in venues including Salvatore Capezio Theater, Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, Hudson Guild Theater, Dixon Place, Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater, Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, Suzanne Dellal studios and more. They've presented work in Pushing Progress, Austin Dance Festival , Atlanta MIXTAPE Festival, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, and Process/Talks (Suzanne Dellal), and shows all over NYC. The company's first dance film venture in collaboration with cinematographer Brian J. Hollars, "Fates", has been screened at four different festivals nationally and was been twice awarded Audience Favorite (Austin Dance Film Festival and Emotions Short Film Festival). The company has been commissioned for three split bill shows: The Moving Beauty Series, Triskelion's Split Bill Series, and Soluq Dance Theater's CIRCLE RETURN. Ellen's work has been described as "hauntingly beautiful" and "captivatingly chilling" [BWW Reviews] with "stunning and economical" partnering [The Dance Enthusiast]. "True to its name, DEPTH dance works to uncover the expanse of movements potential in a way that could only come from working together with sensitivity and consideration" [Cecly Placenti - TiLLT Magazine]. Ellen's choreography uses athletic, theatrical, and anthropomorphous movement to create a social commentary. The company emphasizes humanism and explores depth psychology; the study of unconscious mental processes and motives. DEPTH dance relates to its audience by promoting togetherness through display of flaws and ugliness.




The Process

Ellen's practice is understanding how to rise above the constraints of the mind and body in order to let energy accurately manifest through movement. She uses meditative and imaginative methods to release locks on the mind. In attempts to remove any habits or patterns, Ellen explores methods to reach the most fertile atmosphere for creativity;  where movement is limitless and unique. Since Ellen's work is concept-driven, she uses imagery, words, and abstract ideas for artists to connect to. The theatricality in her work results from this intimate connection of the dancer to an image or concept, and she urges the face muscles to be used as much as the muscles in the body. Ellen continues to explore new ways for artists to connect to concepts as well as to each other. She creates a sense of community within the dancers where the individual can still thrive. She aims to guide artists to a place where the body is totally free and the mind without judgement. With this practice, artists have the ability to become everything and anything when creating choreography.

(See About| tab for Artistic Director's bio)

Artist Statement

"I create art to promote togetherness and acceptance, and I do so by displaying flaws, imperfections, and the darkest corners of the human mind/soul. I explore patterns of the overall human race in addition to honing in on varying circumstances from one individual to another. 'Why do we suffer?' is a question that sits at the core of buddhist practice and heavily informs my work. I approach choreography by challenging guide lines and norms with attempts of innovative and original ideas to reach people; posing a new thought, feel, or state of mind to an existing social/structural issue."

-Ellen Sickenberger

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Current: (PHX)
Dance Artists: Ignacio Andrés Jara, Anahi Jimenez, Lauren Jimenez, Zarina Mendoza, Miranda Reeves
Music Artists: Jesse Hoffman

Past: (NYC)
Dance Artists: Margaret Jones, Sarah Kleinke, Graziella Murdocca, Erke Roosen, Diane Auriol, Emory Campbell, Kristalyn Gill, Lisa Kobdish, Katie Mattar, Bonnie O'Rourke, Ayaha Otsuka, Madeline Robertson, Thryn Saxon, Gabriella Sibeko, Ellie Weinman
Music Artists: Mark McDonald, Ankit Suri


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