Ellen is a professional dance artist based in NYC and currently residing in Israel. Since gaining her BFA in Dance Performance from East Carolina University, she has performed for many NYC and internationally-based artists including Freddie Moore/Jiwon Lee, Janice Rosario, Bryn Cohn, Yoshito Sakuraba (Abarukas), Danté Brown, Ashley McQueen (Smashworks), Susie McHugh, Hollye Bynum (of bones) and Mathew James (URBAN / TRIBE). In 2018, Ellen performed “Vigilante” by Luke Murphy as part of the b12 festival in Berlin. Additionally, Ellen has been a touring cast member of Nadine Bommer's "INVISI'ball" since 2015, and she is now a certified instructor of Nadine's renowned movement method of  Kinetica within Animato Dance Art. She currently resides in Israel where she teaches this method to other professional dance artists and performs with the primary company there. Ellen has also taught her own Guest Artist/Master Classes in Northern VA, Richmond VA, Washington DC, Greenville NC, Austin TX and New York City, including classes at Gibney, Mark Morris and Peridance.  She has been acknowledged for her choreography and is the Artistic Director of DEPTH Dance. 

Artist Philosophy

To dance is to be inhuman; bigger than oneself. Out of the many satisfying aspects of this art, the most rewarding is the ability to express something from one soul to another without the vast limitations of speech. 

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